hey there!

I design and create software :)


about me

Thanks for stopping by! I’m a freshman studying Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at UC Berkeley.

Growing up in Seattle and having been exposed to technology and coding at a young age, I’ve always been interested in solving problems through software. At Berkeley, I have found communities who share my interest, and I’m grateful for the impact I can bring with my code.


I’m a Cal Hacks Director! As the tech team lead, I write, deploy, and maintain the software infrastructure needed to run the world’s largest collegiate hackathon.

I am also a Client Developer for CodeBase, a student organization that write’s production code for client companies such as Atlassian and Postman.

Before studying at Berkeley, I was a Research Assistant at the University of Washington Systems Laboratory, building visualizations and demonstrations for various projects.

skills & projects

As a full-stack developer, I have considerable experience in Node, React, Express, MongoDB, and Postgres. I’ve also extensively used Git and Ubuntu in my projects. Finally, I’m also fluent in Python and Java, though I haven’t built full-stack applications with these languages.

I’m currently working on a project for Cal Hacks as their tech team lead. The project is to overhaul our software infrastructure that supports the hackathon, including our website, application portal, and help queue. This is a work in progress :)

A notable past project of mine is for my high school’s math club. We host the annual Knights of Pi Math Tournament, one of Washington’s largest elementary/middle school math competitions. I built a full-stack application using React, Express, and MongoDB to streamline registration and scoring for the competition. Check it out!